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We are communications experts who help you get your point across, build your community, and gain valuable insight about you and your business in the process. Sagely was founded by Lesley Curtis, a literature and language expert who uses her knowledge, experience, and compassion to ask the right questions and help your organization meet and even exceed its goals.


In a time when honest and vulnerable conversations are so critically needed, it was great to see how Sagely and Wholehearted Leadership were able to leverage their unique and gifted expertise to create the kind of environment where these sorts of conversations can occur. I walked away feeling more educated, more connected, and more skilled to lean into allyship as a way to support myself and others around me.

Craig Forman

Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp

After a consultation with Lesley and Cord on growing our organization’s antiracism work, I feel quite hopeful about our path forward. Their mix of historical knowledge and optimism in the face of a very dire situation is quite inspiring and the ideas they generated were both actionable and mission aligned. I feel very fortunate to have connected with this all-star team.

Claire Laver

Executive Director, Make The World Better Foundation

Sagely’s antiracism team has such an abundance of knowledge on the topic of race, but what’s really special is their ability to take a highly nuanced and complicated topic and break it down in a way that makes it easier to understand. They use their wisdom to welcome you along so you feel inspired to participate, learn, and—most importantly—take action.

Sarah Zero

Founder, Wellstruck

The Pathways To Allyship workshop by Sagely and Wholehearted Leadership is a great place to start for organizations trying to understand how to create more allies in their organization.

James Pratt

Leadership Coach, Reflective Management

Sagely’s antiracism webinar gave me some concrete ideas for action to take to make my business reflect my values. They are a fabulous team and anyone would be lucky to learn from them. 

Sara Crowers

Founder, Healing Spaces Behavioral Health

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