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At Sagely, we write blogs, bios, and website content for a variety of clients and we provide writing and developmental editing services for authors and academics.

For small businesses, we offer tailored copywriting services. Sagely founder, Lesley Curtis, also partners with brand specialist, Sarah Zero of Wellstruck, to offer a brand messaging package.

Contact us at info@sagelycreative.com to find out more.


Copywriting Options


Small Businesses


Your vision is your why. It details your aspirations and your motivations—the reason for it all. We help you explain this vision persuasively.

Length: 2-3 sentences.
Where you can use it: About Page; Face-to-Face Conversations; With Employees

Elevator Pitch

The so-called elevator pitch is the most important story to have at the ready when growing your business. We’ll provide you with a couple sentences that make networking a breeze.

Length: 2 to 3 sentences.
Where you can use it: Social Media; Bios; Face-to-Face Conversation


Your mission statement describes who you serve and how you do it. We help you create a mission statement that informs and inspires.

Length: 1-2 sentences.
Where you can use it: Home Page; Networking

Brand Story

Your business has a story. Clients want to learn about how you came to be. Your brand story captures it all: the why, the how, the triumphs and the struggles. We help you tell this story in a way that builds connection and brand loyalty.

Length: 100-200 words.
Where you can use it: Marketing; Swag; About Page


Whether or not you realize it, your brand already has values. We help you recognize and clearly articulate them so you can build lasting relationships with your clients.

Length: 3 to 5 values.
Where you can use it: Home Page or About Page; Social Media; Blog

Company Founder’s Bio

Let’s admit it. No one likes to brag about themselves. It feels awkward. We take your experience and compress it into a bio that is effective and inspiring, without being too showy. We offer CEOs an effective personal story that sparks admiration and invites connection.

Length: 100 words or less.
Where you can use it: Press; Podcast Appearances; Public Speaking Engagements

Technical Writing

Sagely also specializes in technical writing in the software, healthcare, and cybersecurity industries. We develop, edit, and revise policies, making sure that detailed and specialized information is easily accessible to any reader. We work with clients to ensure accuracy and compliance. We develop manuals, create style sheets, and more.

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