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Strategy through Assessments and Training

All organizations have their own culture. Positive workplace culture improves employee retention rates, company reputation, and client relationships. Sagely works with organizations to assess their internal and external messaging, to determine ways to improve workplace interactions, and to train employees about effective communication strategies. We specialize in the fields of gender, diversity, strategy, and accessibility, and often work with groups on targeted topics. Our assessment, training, and certification processes are designed to showcase your organization’s awareness of current cultural demands in our society.

Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility, inclusivity, diversity—these are more than just trendy buzz words, they speak to a set of core human values rooted in the idea that every person has something unique and valuable to bring to the table. Today, disability directly affects over 12% of Americans and studies show that one-third of working-age adults will become disabled for at least 90 days before they reach retirement. Disabilities impact people in many different ways, changing how people move around, how they learn and communicate, and shaping how they interact with others.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the untapped potential of a more inclusive workforce and company culture. Our Accessibility Program is led by Sagely consultant, Jessica Martucci, who specializes in solutions that workplaces can provide to ease the challenges that people with disabilities face in education, healthcare settings, and at work. Sagely helps your organization identify and ask the right questions about access and inclusion, setting you on a path towards a more productive, empowered, and creative workforce.

Gender Equity Assessment and Training Program

“The Future is Female,” or so the t-shirt says. It’s a cultural rallying cry that has and will have implications far and wide, from #MeToo posts on social media to CBS boardroom discussions. Rethinking gender, moving past old assumptions and biases, and adopting a more equitable perspective on the future are pressing issues in today’s cultural landscape. How can you prepare? Sagely’s Gender Equity program offers concrete steps you can take to keep your organization in step with the times. Our skillfully crafted curriculum, person-centered approach, and unique expertise empower managers and employees with the knowledge, perspective, and confidence needed to create more positive and productive work environments for everyone.

Sagely consultants, Lesley Curtis and Jessica Martucci, work closely with multiple organizations to provide a safe, open, and non-judgmental space to discuss how social assumptions, power dynamics, and biases can impact workplace culture and community relationships. Promoting and improving gender equity within your organization increases employee retention rates and boosts customer satisfaction. Our assessment, training, and certification processes are designed to showcase your organization’s awareness of current cultural demands in our society, tuning you in to trends that place you on the cutting edge of important social change.

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