Supportive Schools

At Sagely, we use our communications expertise to help schools prepare for cultural change. 

Building a Gender Inclusive School Community

Building a gender inclusive community helps schools meet the demands of a changing cultural landscape.

At Sagely, we specialize in helping organizations identify and understand their community’s needs. Our customized assessment is led by Dr. Lesley Curtis and Dr. Jessica Martucci, who use their communications expertise to help schools identify ways to enhance their students’ educational experience. In partnership, we recommend action steps based on our tailored analysis.


We assess each school community by creating customized surveys and reviewing website content, marketing materials, and curriculum. During the assessment process, Lesley and Jessica collect and review valuable information that we use to identify strengths in the school community’s approach to gender and opportunities for improvement.


After gathering data, we develop a customized report that details advantages and vulnerabilities while also offering insights into trends, changes, and growing areas of need. Using tools of analysis from intersectional feminist and critical race studies, we offer informed, real-world expertise to help schools enhance and foster a gender inclusive community.


Upon completion of our assessment and analysis, we partner with schools to develop action steps. Professional trainer, Rachel Simon, assists our team in developing a plan for services. This process often includes professional development, creating communications materials, and enhancing community involvement. Our specialty is working with schools on an individual level, so our recommendations differ based on the needs of each school. That’s what makes our approach transformative and effective.

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